The Beginning: How 2 Gypsies Found Each Other

We met each other on a retreat in Payerbach, Austria. This kind of retreat is special, because you focus for one week on your spiritual essence, and you take full responsibility for your own life – Something we still see as the bond of our relationship.

Gabriel_MelodyGabriel came directly from a holiday with his cabrio in Croatia. Mel from a holiday in Elba. She was in a relationship – he in several affairs.

“The last thing I wanted on this retreat was another girlfriend.
But when I saw her entering the room in the morning in this red dress and her long dark hair, I fell in love immediately. I couldn’t look away anymore.” (Gabriel)

After one week in Payerbach, playing guitar for her and trips to the little river he showed her Vienna and brought her to the airport. On the way they kissed, and a few weeks later he visited her in London to convince her to become his girlfriend. They spent a week with each other, and in the end – she said no.

It took one more year and a lot of Skype chats until they met again in Austria and their love became finally real on may 1st, 2011.


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