The Beauty Of A 6m2 Campervan Home

Who would have thought that a 5 meter-long transit campervan can be so comfortable? I sit on our 1.80 x 1:50 meter bed and watch the 3 m2 of living space in front of me. In the form of a mini-kitchen with sink, 2 hub grill, a few boxes and a mini 3 way-freezer. Opposite one more bench.

I look through the side window and see a large green lawn with 6 sheeps gathering under our convertible sun-roof. The wind moves the trees that are standing around the meadow. Above me, the fan is rattling on the roof, and sometimes the all car rocks all a little when the wind is attacking on one side.


Honestly – how much space do you need to live? The Camparvan is only a third of the living space we had before – with a person more. And even then, on our narrowboat, we had already laterally to pass each other and to block the corridor if we wanted to go to the bathroom or in the shower.

And yet our Transit Home is a shelter, with cooking facilities and dormitory. When the rain is pattering on the roof and the diesel heater is blowing warm air inside, it is so cosy that you hardly can bear it…

Since the three of us live in the campervan, we know that 6m2 living room is enough to speak of a “Home”. Certainly, some people have to live in a 2 x 1 meter cardboard box. But I am sure they wouldn’t talk about a “Home” anymore. So let’s talk about our 6 m2 as the minimum decent living space.

We are really grateful to have a home like this – anywhere we go. Scotland, England, France, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Germany, Spain. We have seen so many wonderful places and stayed at so many beautiful roads, meadows and beaches.

Slowly a feeling is arising in me, that this wonderful world is much bigger and far more beautiful than we would ever be able to explore in this life. (And we will try our best ..)

Even the huge parking lot of a 24h Tesco supermarket with his neon floodlights has its own beauty. If you are forced to explore it for 3 days, you will discover it.

And everyone who has ever eaten his breakfast next to a 15 meter long truck on an Italian highway parking, while ordinary people have to go to McCafe, knows the true beauty of the camping experience.

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