Where To Find Water When Cruising With Your Motorhome

water tap (c) Lupo  / pixelio.de

Finding water on the road is not always easy (c) Lupo / pixelio.de

If you are cruising wild, it is often a challenge to refill water for the tank or get cheap drinking water. But thanks god there are a few places where you can get the precious wet.

The following tipps can help you on this search:

Locate Tapwater Points with web + apps

http://nl.dopper.com/en/dopper-app/ + iPhone/Android (mainly NL, B, D)
www.tapwater.org + iPhone App (UK only)

Motorhome Aires (Free stop)

Most of them have water for free. Check Apps like park4night (Android, iOS), iCampsites (iOS), Stellplätze NKC (Android, iOS), mobil life + (Android, iOS) or websites like www.furgovw.org/mapa_furgoperfecto (Aires in Europa)

Motorhome stopovers or campingsites

Good reason to have a shower, refill water, charge batteries.


Have often taps for watering plants


Have public toilets or taps for the garden.


Have often resting areas with public water

Public Toilets, (Fast Food) Restaurants

Use the toilet to refill water, take empty plastic bottles in a bag with you.

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