Creative Community In Spain – Let’s Create It!

Have you ever dreamed about living on a big piece of land on the countryside with several houses and a little pool or lake? In a spiritual and ecological environment with likeminded families and friends? We just did.

Do you want to join us in creating this space?

For instance something like this (affordable example):


Housing & Guesting

Our opinion is that we should be minimum 6 adults + children staying permanently there, with a communal area and 2 additional guest-rooms for travelers & friends & volunteers, plus big camping-space.
We like to have our own space, but at the same time a continuous flow of interesting people.


We (Gabriel and Melody) are specialized in webdesign/music/recycleart and facepainting/improdance, and would love to have people around that share a creative und spiritual lifestyle. (Btw we don’t belong to any particular religion or sect and don’t impose any spiritual practice) We would like to see events / workshops / retreats for people coming from outside taking place.


We would love to establish a peaceful, honest and democratic way of dealing with each other. Where everybody can be heard, decisions are made in consensus and silent gatherings can become the basis for strong inspirations. Our spiritual vision is promoting presence, personal and social changes, and cultivating awareness – without being missionary.

Sustainable living

Additionally we dream about working with nature & producing our own organic food. But we also have to admit that we have no clue about that. So someone with a background in organic farming / permaculture would be highly appreciated.
An other goal is sustainable living: Solar energy, communal shopping, ..

About the place

We look for a big and spacious place close to nature, but also not too far from the next big city/airport. So it should be within a driving distance of one hour from Barcelona, Valencia, Murcia, Mallorca, Malaga – by car and public transport.
Also we would like to have it max. 45 min. driving away from the sea.

Utopia / Finance?

Sounds like a dream that would be hard to realize, but I have to say we are specialists in making our dreams come true – and Spain is still very cheap. If you are as well a specialist in making your dreams come true then let’s talk!
We were looking at places already – if every adult pays 200 Euro/month, we can finance it. Contact us at we-are-the @ gsypsy-trio . com

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