From a Princess Room to a Narrow Boat…



Once upon a time there was a princess called Melody living in a small castle in east London. She had the master room on top of the tower, overviewing the sunny side of the street. The room was a bit overwhelming, with a four post bed and a big wardrobe with mirror. All furniture was in a Venetian style to remind her of her Italian heritage.

The princess was very busy with her dances and theatre improvisations, always moving around London. But something was missing in her life.

One day she went for a journey abroad to meet herself in a magic theatre. And there … she met an Austrian prince. Gabriel was his name, he was a charming and lovely man, with a tick of barbaric style from the mountains. For a while Melody was not sure about him, and in the beginning she was still emotionally engaged with a young crazy half English duke.

After a year in which she was suspended like a leaf on the tree in autumn … it happened that she was exposed to an intense wind of the Austrian’s Alps again and this time the fragrance was so sweet that she could not resist to the love call …

Melody was still living in her beloved castle, knowing inside that a time of changes was approaching. Gabriel hated the grey and wet mood of London. Nevertheless he came to visit her very often and patiently waited for Melody to be ready to give up her castle room.

It was a a nice day of spring when they decided to go together for a nice bike ride along the Regent canal of London. Like all adventures, this journey was starting with some difficult moments … They were a bit lost in a sea of thoughts. But they rode along and than magically  ended out at “The Anchor and Hope”. A very special place where they were served a delicious and refreshing magic drink.
While they were sitting on the fresh air, overlooking the water, suddenly they could see a boat approaching along the canal and in a moment they knew it would be their next home…


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